DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review
February 4, 2015


The solenoids perform several critical functions for the Mu2e experiment. Magnetic fields generated from these magnets are used to efficiently collect and transport muons from the production target to the muon stopping target while minimizing the transmission of other particles. These fields are also used to precisely determine the momenta of particles originating in the muon stopping target and traversing the Mu2e tracking detector.

Solenoids Schedule and Planning Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Technical Design Report 4299 WBS Dictionary 4300
Milestone Dictionary 4301 Solenoid Risk Analysis 4497

Requirements and Interface Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Quench Protection System Requirements 1238 Detector Solenoid Requirements 946
Transport Solenoid Collimators Requirements 1044 Transport Solenoid Requirements 947
Production Solenoid Heat and Radiation Shield Requirements 1092 Production Solenoid Requirements 945
Power Supply System Requirements 1237 Magnetic Field Measurement Requirements 1275
Mu2e Cryogenic Distribution Requirements 1244 Solenoid Interfaces 1470

Solenoids Design and Specifications Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Concerning the Conductors:
Advanced Acquisition Plan for Solenoid Conductors 2493 Conductor Specification Packages 2488
R&D Conductor Performance and Production Readiness 4221    
Concerning the Production Solenoid:
Advanced Acquisition Plan for the PS 3019 PS Reference Design 3647
PS Drawings and Solid Model 3732 PS Procurement Specifications 3669
Concerning the Detector Solenoid:
Advanced Acquisition Plan for the DS 3021 DS Reference Design 3664
DS Drawings and Solid Model 3733 DS Procurement Specifications 3670
DS Tolerance studies 2870    
Concerning the Transport Solenoid:
Advanced Acquisition Plan for the TS 4309 TS Preliminary Design 4214
TS Tolerance Studies 2156 Effect of coil displacements on the magnetic center 2403
Testing Plan for the TS Prototype Coil Module 4716 Acceptance Plan for the TS Prototype Coil Module 4715
Concerning the Stray Magnetic Fields:
Fermilab ESH&Q Manual - Stray Magnetic Fields 5062.2 Mu2e Stray Magnetic Field Abatement Plan 2881
Estimate of Forces due to Stray Magnetic Fields 2444    
Solenoid Acquisition Oversight Committee:
Web Page here    

Solenoids Documents from Past Reviews

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Transport Solenoid Module Independent Design Review (December 2014) 5039 Responses to recommendations from Transport Solenoid Independent Design Review 4970
Report from Cryogenic Review (July 2013) 3172 Responses to Cryogenic Review 5059
Solenoid L2 Review Report and Responses (December 2010) 1448    

Solenoids BOE Documents

Existing supporting documentation is either bundled with its associated BOE documents or referenced within them.

WBS Number Task Name Mu2e-doc #
475.04.01 Project Management 1641
475.04.02 Production Solenoid 1642
475.04.03 Transport Solenoids 1643
475.04.04 Detector Solenoid 1644
475.04.05 Cryogenic Distribution System 1646
475.04.06 Magnet Power System 1648
475.04.07 Magnet Quench Protection System 1649
475.04.08 Magnetic Field Mapping System 1650
475.04.09 Ancillary Equipment 1651
475.04.10 System Integration, Installation, and Commissioning 1652

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