Mu2e DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review

DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review
February 4, 2015


The primary purpose of the Mu2e calorimeter is to provide particle identification in order to reject backgrounds from cosmic-ray interactions and antiproton annihilations. A second important function of the calorimeter is to provide an efficient trigger for the experiment. The calorimeter also provides a redundant set of measurements that complement the information from the tracker.

Calorimeter Design, Schedule and Planning Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Technical Design Report
4299 WBS Dictionary 4300
Milestone Dictionary 4301 Calorimeter Requirements Document 864
Calorimeter Interfaces 2195    

Calorimeter BOE Documents

Existing supporting documentation is either bundled with its associated BOE documents or referenced within them.

WBS Number Task Name Mu2e-doc #
475.07.01   Management 4357
475.07.02   Crystals 4293
475.07.03   Mechanical Support 4322
475.07.04   Photosensors 4294
475.07.05   FEE and Digitizer 4323
475.07.06   Calibrations 4295
475.07.07   Power 4324
475.07.08   Installation 4325

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