DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review
February 4, 2015

Trigger and DAQ

The Mu2e Trigger and Data Acquisition (DAQ) subsystem provides hardware and software for collecting digitized data from the Tracker, Calorimeter, Cosmic Ray Veto and Beam Monitoring systems, and delivering that data to online and offline processing for analysis. It is also responsible for detector synchronization and control.

Trigger and DAQ Design, Schedule and Planning Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Technical Design Report 4299 WBS Dictionary 4300
Milestone Dictionary 4301 Trigger and DAQ Requirements 1150
Trigger and DAQ Interfaces 1520    

Trigger and DAQ BOE Documents

Existing supporting documentation is either bundled with its associated BOE documents or referenced within them.

WBS Number Task Name Mu2e-doc #
475.09.01.02 Project Management - Preliminary & Final Design 3734
475.09.01.03 Project Management - Implementation & Closeout 3735
475.09.02.03 System Design & Test-Pilot System 3737
475.09.02.04 System Design & Test-Production System 3738
475.09.03.02 Data Acquisition-Pilot System 3740
475.09.03.03 Data Acquisition-Production System 3741
475.09.04.02 Data Processing-Pilot System 3743
475.09.04.03 Data Processing-Production System 3744
475.09.05.02 Controls & Networking-Pilot System 3746
475.09.05.03 Controls & Networking-Production System 3747

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