DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review
February 4, 2015

Muon Beamline

The fundamental goal of the Muon Beamline is to deliver a stopped muon rate of approximately a few times 10E10 per second to the muon stopping target, located in the Detector Solenoid, and to reduce the background in the tracker, calorimeter and cosmic ray veto detectors to a level sufficient to achieve the desired experimental sensitivity.

Muon Beamline Design, Schedule and Planning Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Technical Design Report 4299 WBS Dictionary 4300
Milestone Dictionary 4301    

Requirements and Interface Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
WBS 05.02 – Muon Beamline Vacuum System 1481 WBS 05.07 – Detector Solenoid Internal Shielding 1439
WBS 05.03 – Collimators 1044 WBS 05.08 – Muon Beam Stop 1351
WBS 05.04 – Upstream External Shielding 1506 WBS 05.09 – Downstream External Shielding 1371
WBS 05.05 – Muon Stopping Target 1437 WBS 05.10 – Detector Support and Installation System 1383
WBS 05.06 – Muon Stopping Target Monitor 1438 Muon Beamline Interfaces 1168

Muon Beamline BOE Documents

Existing supporting documentation is either bundled with its associated BOE documents or referenced within them.

WBS Number Task Name Mu2e
doc #
475.05.01 Muon Beamline Management
       Pre CD-2 4367
       Post CD-2 4368
475.05.02 Muon Beamline Vacuum System
475.05.02.01    Production Solenoid Enclosure
       Preliminary and Final Design 1680
       Implementation and Close-Out 1681
475.05.02.02    Detector Solenoid Enclosure
       Preliminary and Final Design 1683
       Implementation and Close-Out 1684
475.05.02.03    Solenoid Cryostat Interconnect Components
       Preliminary and Final Design 1686
       Implementation and Close-Out 1687
475.05.02.04    External Vacuum System Components
       Preliminary and Final Design 1689
       Implementation and Close-Out 1690
475.05.02.05    Monitoring, Controls, and Interlocks
       Preliminary and Final Design 1692
       Implementation and Close-Out 1693
475.05.02.06    Muon Beam Vacuum System Management 4688
475.05.03 Muon Beamline Collimators
475.05.03.01    TS1 Collimator and COL1 Antiproton Window
       Preliminary and Final Design 1695
       Implementation and Close-Out 1696
475.05.03.02    TS3 Collimators and Antiproton Stopping Window
       Preliminary and Final Design 1698
       Implementation and Close-Out 1699
475.05.03.03    TS5 Collimator
       Preliminary and Final Design 1701
       Implementation and Close-Out 1702
475.05.04 Upstream External Shielding
       Preliminary and Final Design 1704
       Implementation and Close-Out 1705
475.05.05 Muon Stopping Target
       Preliminary and Final Design 1710
       Implementation and Close-Out 1711
475.05.06 Muon Stopping Target Monitor
       Preliminary and Final Design 1713
       Implementation and Close-Out 1714
475.05.07 Detector Solenoid Internal Shielding
       Preliminary and Final Design 1716
       Implementation and Close-Out 1717
475.05.08 Muon Beam Stop
       Preliminary and Final Design 1719
       Implementation and Close-Out 1720
475.05.09 Downstream External Shielding
       Preliminary and Final Design 1722
       Implementation and Close-Out 1723
475.05.10 Detector Support and Installation
       Preliminary and Final Design 1731
       Implementation and Close-Out 1732
475.05.11 Muon Beamline Systems Integration
       Implementation and Close-Out 1735

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