Mu2e DOE CD-2/3b Review

DOE CD-2/3b Follow-up Review
February 4, 2015

Conventional Construction

The Conventional Construction sub-project includes the management, planning, design, and construction of new structures, buildings and utilities, as well as modifications to existing structures needed to house and support the assembly and operation of the Mu2e experiment. The Conventional Construction builds upon and extends the existing infrastructure and the proposed facilities provided in the Muon Campus projects.

Conventional Construction Design, Schedule and Planning Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Technical Design Report
4299 Final Design Construction Contract Documents 3494
WBS Dictionary 4300 Milestone Dictionary 4301
Conventional Facilities Requirements 1088 Conventional Facilities Interfaces 1537
Advanced Acquisition Plan CF 4127 Wetlands Report 1286
Life Safety Report 1314 Sustainability Analysis 2005, 2081
Preliminary ODH Assessment 2232 Construction Safety and Health Plan 4432

Conventional Construction BOE Documents

Existing supporting documentation is either bundled with its associated BOE documents or referenced within them.

WBS Number Task Name Mu2e
doc #
475.03.02 Preliminary/Final Design 1815
475.03.03 Construction Phase Oversight 1817
475.03.04.01 Conventional Facilities 1813
475.03.04.02 Delivery Ring Upgrade 1814
475.03.04.03 Procured Items 3614
475.03.04.05 Building Controls 4523
475.03.05 Close-out 1818

For assistance in obtaining any documentation, references, etc., please contact . For document content questions, please contact the appropriate L2 manager (see Project Contact List).

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