CD-1 Review of Mu2e
June 5-7, 2012

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The Mu2e Project team has prepared a Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for a world-class facility to search for the Charged Lepton Flavor Violating process of a muon converting to an electron in the field of a nucleus and to provide discovery sensitivity to a broad array of new physics models.

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Overview Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Mu2e FNAL Organization chart PDF file Mu2e Project/Collaboration Org Chart PDF file
Conceptual Design Report (CDR) 1169 Resource and Gantt Chart (updated 5/23/2012) 2205
Cost Book (updated 5/23/2012) 2211 Critical Path (updated 5/23/2012) 2205
Cost Range 2262 Milestones 2254
Risk Register 1463 Contingency Rules 459

Documents from Past Reviews

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Final report from CD-1 Director's Review (April 2012) 2209 Responses to recommendations from CD-1 Director's Review 2240
Final report from Independent Design Review (May 2011) 1563 Responses to recommendations from 2011 Independent Design Review 2067
Closeout report from CD-0 review 382 CD-0 Mission Need Statement 720

Documents Posted During Review

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#

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