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The Mu2e Project completed its preliminary design phase and underwent a DOE CD-2/3b review in October 2014 and a CD3c review in July 2016, allowing the project to start construction of the experiment. At the heart of the experiment is a system of three superconducting-solenoid systems. These system represent significant cost, schedule, and technical risk to the project. To help mitigate these risks the Solenoid Acquisition Oversight Committee (Solenoid AOC) was formed. This web page collects information useful to the committee.

For assistance in obtaining any documentation, references, etc., please contact . For document content questions, please contact the appropriate L2 manager (cf. Project Contact List).

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Agenda and Presentations for 12 September, 2018 (9:30am-12:30pm) (Chicago time)
Meeting room at Fermilab: Hermitage

Time Title Speaker Mu2e-doc-#
9:30 Summary of recent progress (M. Lamm) 20080
10:00 Status of PS/DS Procurement (T. Page) 20083
11:00 Status of TS Procurement (V. Lombardo) 20086
11:45 Discussion All  
12:30 Adjourn    

Additional Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Regarding the TS Module Solicitation
TS Reference Design Report
cf. Mu2e TDR (Ch. 6)
4299 (Draft) Procurement Specifications for TS Coil Modules 5083
TS Coil Module Drawings Example 5081 TS Module Fabrication Procedure 5085
TS Coil Module Instrumentation Description 5105        
Regarding Prototype and Analysis
TS Prototype Module Test Plan 4716 TS Prototype Module Acceptance Plan 4715
Closeout Report from TS Module Independent Design Review 5039 Alignment Studies of the TS Magnetic Center due to Coil Displacements 2403
TS Structural Design and Analysis 5079 TS Fabrication Tolerance Studies 2156
Regarding Management and Risk
Solenoid Vendor Management Plan 4498 Solenoid Risk Analysis 4497
Procurement Management Plan 2350 Risk Management Plan 461
Vendor and Sub-Contract Oversight Plan 2490 Risk Register 4320
Technical Design Report 4299 Solenoid Acquisition Oversight Committee Charge & Membership 2437

Reports and Findings

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Agenda and Presentations from 26-Jan-2015 Here Final Report from 26-Jan-2015
Agenda and Presentations from 08-Sep-2014 Here Final Report from 08-Sep-2014
Agenda and Presentations from 12-Nov-2013 Here Agenda and Presentations from 16-Jan-2014 Here
Agenda and Presentations from 22-Oct-2013 Here Final Report from 22-Oct-2013
Agenda and Presentations from 18-Mar-2013 Here Final Report from 18-Mar-2013
Agenda and Presentations from 29-Jan-2013 Here Final Report from 29-Jan-2013

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