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The Mu2e Project completed its conceptual design phase and was awarded DOE CD-1 approval in July 2012. At the heart of the experiment is a system of three superconducting-solenoid systems. These system represent significant cost, schedule, and technical risk to the project. To help mitigate these risks the Solenoid Acquisition Oversight Committee (Solenoid AOC) was formed. This web page collects information useful to the committee.

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Agenda and Presentations for 29 January 2013 (Chicago time)

Time Title Speaker Mu2e-doc-#
08:30 Introduction to Mu2e (D.Glenzinski) 2652
08:45 Summary of Solenoid Systems (M.Lamm) 2650
09:15 Conductor Acquisition Strategy and Status (M.Lamm) 2651
10:00 Adjourn
Final Report (Committee) 2712
Replies to Recommendations (Mu2e team) 2808

Overview Documents

Title Mu2e-doc-# Title Mu2e-doc-#
Solenoid Acquisition Oversight Committee Charge & Membership 2437 Recent Solenoid Summary Talk 2497
Conceptual Design Report (Ch 4 and 7) 1169 Make vs Buy Analysis for Solenoids 2496
Advanced Acquisition Plan for Mu2e Solenoid Conductor 2493 Conductor Specification Packages 2488
Procurement Management Plan 2350 Vendor and Sub-Contract Oversight Plan 2490

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