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Mission Statement

The Mu2e experiment will search for charged-lepton flavor violation with world-class sensitivity and will be capable of discovering physics beyond the Standard Model. The Mu2e Collaboration will strive to produce and publish world-class science, founded on robust scientific discussion and debate, occurring in an environment welcoming to all people.

Code of Conduct

All members of Mu2e are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and to treat each person with dignity and respect at all times to create an inclusive, professional, and collegial working environment free of discrimination, threats, and harassment.

To achieve the challenging scientific goals of the Mu2e Experiment requires a well-organized collaborative effort and well-defined venues for open scientific debate. Much of the organizational discussion and scientific debate occurs in meetings. The following meeting guidelines are offered to help ensure all members of the Mu2e Collaboration have an opportunity to actively participate in these discussions and debates:

a) Moderators

b) Speakers

c) Audience members

Problems should be brought to the attention of the Mu2e Office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion and/or the Mu2e spokespersons.

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