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Using ROOT Standalone

When you log in to a Mu2e machine ROOT is not made automatically available; you must ask for it. This page will describe how to ask for a version of root without having to setup the full Mu2e Offline environment.

The Short Answer

On all machines, you need to first tell setup where to look for versions of ROOT (and other products, such as art, CLHEP ... ):

 setup mu2e
This does not setup any version of any product; it just tells setup where to find products. The next step is to choose and setup a particular version of root. In Janary 2012, on detsim and mu2egpvm02, you can do
setup root v5_28_00a -qmu2e:prof
If this does not work, read the longer instructions to learn how to discover which versions of root are available.

A caveat: it is probably not wise to put this in your login scripts because it may cause a conflict with the version of ROOT that other tools require; see the discussion on conflicting version requirements.

The Long Answer

To understand this section requires that you have a basic understanding of UPS/UPD as used by Mu2e.

On any Mu2e machine you can look at all versions of ROOT that are supplied with the Mu2e external products distribution:

setup mu2e
ups list -aK+ root -z$MU2EPRODUCTS
Inspect this list to find builds with flavors that match your architecture. From this list, you will usually want to choose the most recent ROOT version. From this list you can choose a version with the qualifiers you require. Then setup that version.

If you still cannot determine which version of root to use, contact the Mu2e software team.

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