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Testing ROOT Displays

This page describes how to check that your laptop/desktop has the correct X-Windows settings so that, when you run ROOT on one of the Fermilab interactive machines, the TCanvas display will appear on your laptop/desktop.

If you have a current login session in which you have already typed the first two commands in the example below, then you can just type the last command. Otherwise, start a fresh login session and type the commands:

setup mu2e
source  /mu2e/app/Offline/graphics_test/
root -l /grid/fermiapp/mu2e/DataFiles/ROOT_Test/test.cint

If all works correctly, a window will pop up on your screen; that window will have histogram that should look like the one in the figure below. If no window appears, try the -X or -Y options to ssh. This is described in the web page about logging in to the Fermilab interactive machines.

To exit root, return the pointer focus to the window in which you ran root. Then type ".q" (without the quotes, with the leading dot) at the root prompt.

If this worked, proceed to testing the Geant4 event display.

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