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Jenkins is a freeware java code build system that the Scientific Computing Division is maintaining for the experiments. It includes several powerful build machines where the code can be built using a significant parallelism. It also has many useful management features. You can browse the Jenkins system. and some basic recipies (for code managers).

mu2e has three Jenkins projects:

Release build

  1. log onto Jenkins system. To do this procedure, you will need to be identified to Jenkins by a KCA cert loaded in your browser before you visit the site. The Jenkins page should have your username at the top right. If it says "anonymous", delete your "buildmaster" cookies, close browser, kinit, getcert -i, and try again.
  2. browse to mu2e tab then mu2e-offline-build project
  3. click on "configure," go the bottom, in "execute shell" box. Edit the tag name like:
    export MU2E_RELEASE_TAG=v5_2_1
    at the top of the script. Click "save" at the bottom of this page.
  4. You should be on the project top page. Click "build now". It will take up to 1.5 hours if there are lots of other builds running on the build machines. When the status balls stop pulsing, it is done. Check logs by clicking on one of the status balls, then "last build" then "console ouput".
  5. Pull the releases to the code disk.
  6. If this release should also be available to the grid, see CVMFS instructions
  7. If the tarball is needed for remote distribution, that can be added to the procedure, or it can be retrieved by hand from Jenkins.

Integration build

This build will be triggered every time there is a git commit to the Offline repository. You can check the results by browsing the Jenkins system. Go to the "mu2e" tab, the "mu2e-offline-ci" project. If the balls are pulsing, the build is still running. If green, the build was clean. If red, then errors reported. Click on one of the builds (SLF5 or 6), then "last build", then "console output" or "view as plain text" to see the errors.

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