SAM registration of fcl files is optional, except when One can decide to register fcl files with SAM even after the jobs have been run, it is not a pre-requisite for grid job submission.


  setup mu2e
  setup mu2efiletools

Registering fcl files in SAM

Continuing with example 1 from the generate_fcl page

  cd /mu2e/data/users/`whoami`/fclds/20161121-pions
  (for dir in ???; do ls $dir/*.fcl.json; done) | mu2eFileDeclare

As soon as the content of a json file is stored in SAM, the file is deleted. This makes it easy to re-start the registration if it was interrupted for any reason.

If you get an error about HTTPS_KEY_FILE, run the kx509 command, as the error message suggests. If you get an error from kx509, you may need to open an new shell (on the same machine) with clean environment (e.g. no Offline setup) and run kx509 there. Then retry the mu2eFileDeclare command.

Uploading the files

For small scale job submissions generated fcl files can be left on the /mu2e/data bluearc disk where they were generated. However it is easy to overload the system when trying to run too many jobs with files coming off a bluearc disk. Normally one should upload fcl datasets to a /pnfs disk, which can handle higher loads.

Any Mu2e user can put a dataset into the /pnfs/mu2e/scratch area. "Disposable" fcl datasets should be uploaded there by using the --scratch option to mu2eFileUpload, see below. If a better bookkeeping is desired, fcl files should be uploaded into the persistent /pnfs area using the --disk option and registered in SAM. If you want to use persistent fcl storage, ask Mu2eDataAdmin to create a directory /pnfs/mu2e/persistent/datasets/usr-etc/cnf/your-username and give you the ownership to it.

Continuing with the example,

  (for dir in ???; do ls $dir/*.fcl; done) | mu2eFileUpload --scratch

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