It is inefficient to store small files on tape. If a job (e.g. "stage 1") produces small files, and if consumer job ("stage 2") can use multiple files per job, then "stage 1" output files should be concatenated before writing them to tape. To do that, one should define jobs based on the JobConfig/cd3/common/artcat.fcl file using an appropriate --merge value in the generate_fcl call. Do not forget to set an appropriate output file name in the template file, like

#include "JobConfig/cd3/common/artcat.fcl"
outputs.out.fileName: ""

The small input files can be left in their original "good" directory. However if some jobs failed and were re-run, it is often easier to mu2eFileUpload them to --scratch and obtain a sorted list of inputs with mu2eDatasetFileList.

Whether left in the original location or "uploaded", the individual small files must be registered in SAM with mu2eFileDeclare. See the postprocessing page for examples of using mu2eFileUpload and mu2eFileDeclare.

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