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dCache is a disk based cache system that is used to buffer data transfer to and from tape. It is also use to host a general disk scratch pool that is shared among most Intensity Frontier experiments.

This page will eventually discuss Mu2e's use of dCache. For now it just has some links to monitoring tools. There is some information about dCache in a talk from a Software and Simulation meeting:

dCache scratch

As of September 1, 2014, Mu2e is using the dcache scratch partition. We see these files on the GPCF nodes as: /pnfs/mu2e/scratch. The scratch partitition is shared with many other experiments.

To check available space on the scratch partition, visit:

and look at the line for "PublicScratchPools". On September 1, 2014 it shows a total size of 266 TB with about 88 TB free (here I am using TB=1,000,000 MB).

If you click on the link "PublicScratchPools" you will see additional details appear at the bottom of the web page. This tells us that the 266 TB is broken up into 7 separate pools, 5 of about 45 TB and two of about 20 TB.

I don't know the high water mark at which least recently used (LRU) replacement begins - I will ask.

FNAL General dCache System Status

The main FNAL dCache monitoring page is at: This page also has links to dCache documentation.

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