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To learn about the Mu2e Offline software, begin with the art workbook. The Mu2e Offline software is written as a set of plugins that can be run by a framework named art, which is used by many of the Intensity Frontier experiments at Fermilab. The art workbook will not teach you about the Mu2e plugins or the Mu2e data products; but it will teach you ideas and language that will be presumed knowledge when you get to the Mu2e specific documentation.

Before you begin the workbook, please read the following, which describes a few special steps that you need to do differently than described in the workbook.

If you are using the workbook for the first time, we recommend using version 0.88. If you have been using version 0.84, feel free to continue using it. Most of the differences are bug fixes, improved formatting and improved writeups. If you wish to switch to from version 0.84 to version 0.88 you should start in a clean working directory. Do not checkout the new version of the workbook code on top of the old one!

To begin the workbook, go to the art workbook sharepoint page.

Other background information about art is available at the art sharepoint page.

This section describes why the special steps are needed; it is written for advanced users.

About version 0.84: when Mu2e migrated its ups product area from /grid/fermiapp/products/mu2e to cvmfs, legacy versions of products were not copied to /cvmfs; only versions then in use were copied. New versions have only been added to cvmfs. Version v0.84 of the art workbook was released in August 2014 and it requires an old version of art that Mu2e did not copy to cvmfs. It is only available in the /grid/fermiapp/products/mu2e.

About vesion 0.88: one of the weaknesses in the art workbook system is the way that ART_WORKBOOK_QUAL is defined. If two versions of the art workbook require different versions of art then ART_WORKBOOK_QUAL will be right only for one of them. I chose to leave the old definition stand so that people already using v0.84 would not be disrupted.

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