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Using Older Macs

If you have and Apple Mac that is still running a version of OS X that is earlier than Leopard ( ie Tiger or Panther ), then there are some tricks to loggin in to the Fermilab machines.

The first is that some of these MACs require you to use an XTerm instead of a Terminal; if you log in using a Terminal then the Fermilab machine will not be able to open windows that appear on your laptop.

The second issue is that the version of kerberos that comes with the older Mac OS X version is not compatible with the version of kerberos installed on the detsim and FNALU nodes. The solution is to install a second version of ssh on your Mac. This installs as scp3a and ssh3a, so it does not overwrite the native ssh.

Installation packages for both Panther and Tiger are available:

fnalssh103.dmg is for OS X 10.3 and fnalssh104.dmg is for OS X 10.4. I believe, but am not 100% sure, that neither Leopard nor Snow Leopard require this fix.

Just use ssh3a, scp3a, and sftp3a instead of ssh, scp, and sftp after installation to connect to hosts running older versions of sshd.

It's all explained in the README file that comes with the downloads. This is probably enough for most people.

Additional information is available at the Mac section of the FNAL strong authentication site.

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