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This page has an introduction to viewing the Mu2e geometry using ROOT's TGeometry browser. The input to this exercise is a GDML file that was created by running Mu2e Offline and telling it to export the geometry to a GDML file.


  1. Download this gzipped tar file which contains the GDML file plus some scripts for viewing it. The GDML file was created using Offline v5_7_7.

  2. Extract the files:
    tar xzf ~/Downloads/GeometryBrowsing.tar.gz
    This will create a subdirectory named GeometryBrowsing, with the content:
    ls GeometryBrowsing/
    DS3.C                          NoBuildingOrCRV.C         TrackerColored.C          notes.txt
    InPSVacuum.C              InVacuum.hh             TrackerMother.C           volumeDetails.txt             InsideDS.C                NoBuildingOrCRV.hh        VDs.C                     volumeHierarchy.txt
    InPSVacuum.hh         mu2e.gdml                 world.C
    InVacuum.C                InsideDS.hh               SelectVirtualDetectors.hh mu2e_v5_7_7.gdml
    The files ending in .C are ROOT CINT scripts to view different parts of the geometry. The files ending in .hh and .cc are C++ code that are used by some of the .C files. The files volumeHierarchy.txt and volumeDetails.txt contain some summary information about each volume. The following items will walk you through using these files.

  3. cd into the new directory and setup a modern release of root:
    cd GeometryBrowsing
    setup mu2e
    setup root v5_34_32 -qe9:prof
    If you prefer you can setup a base release of the Mu2e Offline software, for example:
    source /cvmfs/
    Among many other things, this will setup a modern version of root.

  4. If you logout and login again, repeat step 3.


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